Write an expression for each model

Expressions algebra Video transcript What I want to do in this video is write the algebraic expressions that represent the same thing that these statements are saying. So this first statement, they say the sum of negative 7 and the quantity 8 times x.

Write an expression for each model

Acceptance is the need to accept yourself and be accepted by others. This includes a feeling of belonging.

People with a need for Acceptance are usually very easy-going and pleasant to have in a group. Examples of how Acceptance manifests for different people: Participating with situations that are open and accepting of everyone Feeling a sense of acceptance by coworkers Being accepted by neighbors Being accepted as a valuable member of a family group Being accepted into a club or group Working with people who need extra attention and acceptance Feeling loved Accepting whatever comes up in life Doing things that make others feel good Being nice regardless of the situation or the person Write an expression for each model tolerant of self and others Positive aspects: Understanding and participating in love and loving situations, romance, bondedness, sense of family or tribe, self-esteem, self-forgiveness, forgiveness of others, altruistic, humanitarian.

Rejection, jealousy, prejudice, guilt, shame, hate, xenophobia group prejudice, fear of different classes of people How this need affects the workplace: People who have a need for Acceptance are a valuable addition to any group. They will often be a stabilizing presence and help others tolerate each other a little better.

They may "go along" to whatever proposals are made to avoid any conflict in a group. It is very hard for them to express any different opinion because of their fear of being rejected.

A person with a need for Acceptance needs to feel they are accepted, as well as accepting others. They can be seen as a "doormat" with no opinion of their own or their time may be abused since they will rarely criticize others or say "no.

Community People with a need for Community like having people around. They are highly social and will express their enjoyment of gatherings. These are the best folks to put in charge of parties and company gatherings. They will seek out people and are able to maintain large numbers of relationships.

The need for Community is different from the need for Exchange in that the need for Community does not require the exchange of anything. Examples of how Community manifests for different people: Throwing parties for the slightest of reasons Being the center of the office network Participating in classes, groups, clubs Going to a shopping mall or concert just to be around large groups of people Being the cook for large family gatherings Hosting family gatherings, groups of friends Opening their home to people with common interests that may be in town for some reason Running for public office Gathering signatures for a petition or ballot initiative Being part of a campaign to save the rain forests or a wild life area Creating a learning center for people interested in political, social, environmental or spiritual goals Positive aspects: Need to be around other people; highly social; need to be tribal; ability to have and relate to children, grandchildren, distant relatives; need for family; need for bonding at a wider level; political and ecological participation; responsibility as a citizen; sense of one's own importance and dignity in relation to the rest of humanity.

Indiscriminate contact, neediness, clinging, dependence, irresponsibility, criminal behavior, short-term thinking. How this need affects the workplace: People with a need for Community will be with people every chance they can get.

They may be the center of the gathering or on the sidelines. They may be the ones bringing forth proposals that point out a company's responsibilities to the environment or the community.

These are not people to be sent to work in an isolated laboratory, work the midnight shift or sent on a mission where they will not be able to socialize with others.

write an expression for each model

Because socializing is such an innate talent with them, others may feel jealous and not understand the high need to be with other people. Others who are less social may be compared inappropriately and told, "If they can do it, so can you. Not everyone has an inherent need or even tolerance for very high social contact.

The less-social folks may want tag along occasionally, letting those with Community gather the crowds.

Expression is the need to be artistic, to be seen, to be heard, to be felt.

write an expression for each model

It is the need to express oneself through words, speech, actions, dress, art and self-creations of all types. Examples of how Expression manifests for different people: Expressing through the Internet creating web sites, writing newsletters, creating graphic art, stating opinions Writing books, poems, articles Reading poetry at coffee houses Writing opinion articles for newspapers and magazines Public speaking about topics that are near and dear to the speaker Creating art in all forms painting, jewelry, crafts, interior design, graphic design, furniture design, architecture Teaching creative thinking classes or workshops Designing company logos or ad campaigns Coaching children in creative arts Dancing or teaching dance in all forms Acting in movies, plays or local theaters Positive aspects: Demonstrating individual creativity, showing balance, getting in touch with creativity, promoting understanding by revealing self through art, words, behavior; being a living expression of "who I am.

Invasion of other's space too much self-expressionself-centered, temperamental, blind to other's value, lying, creating or expressing a false image.OCLC Research Activities and IFLA's Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records. FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records) is a recommendation of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) to restructure catalog databases to reflect the conceptual structure of information resources.

OCLC Research Activities and IFLA's Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records. FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records) is a recommendation of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) to restructure catalog databases to reflect the conceptual structure of information resources.

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rewrite the equation in standard (Ax+By=C) with a positive x-term. Mathematics Glossary» Glossary Print this page. Addition and subtraction within 5, 10, 20, , or Addition or subtraction of two whole numbers with whole number answers, and with sum or minuend in the range , , , or , respectively.

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