The invention of writing and its destruction ritual spell

The texts are derived in part from the earlier pyramid texts, reserved for royal use only, but they contain substantial new material related to everyday desires that reflects the fact that the texts were now used by the common people.

The invention of writing and its destruction ritual spell

The Satanic Bible contains instructions and invocations for performing Satanic rituals. Anton Szandor LaVey conducting a Satanic ritual In the Book of Belial, it provides a thirteen-step instruction guide for how the rituals ought to be performed. Assemble devices for ritual; light candles and shut out all outside light sources; place parchments to right and left of the altar as indicated.

the invention of writing and its destruction ritual spell

If a woman is used as the altar she now takes her position — head pointing south, feet pointing north. Purification of the air by ringing of the bell. Participants will repeat each Infernal Name after it has been said by priest. Turning counter — clockwise, the priest points with the sword to each cardinal point of the compass and calls forth the respective Princes of Hell: Satan from the south, Lucifer from the east, Belial from the north, and Leviathan from the west.

Perform benediction with the phallus if one is used. Priest reads aloud appropriate invocation for respective ceremony: Lust, Compassion, or Destruction. In the case of a personalized ritual this step is extremely important. To Summon One For Lustful Purpose Or Establish A Sexually Gratifying Situation Leave the area of the altar and remove yourself to that place, either in the same room or without, that will be most conducive to the working of the respective ritual.

Then, fashion whatever imagery you possibly can that will parallel in as exact a way possible the situation towards which you strive.

Remember, you have five senses to utilize, so do not feel you must limit your imagery to one. Here are devices that may be employed either alone, or in any combination: Intense sexual feeling should accompany this step of the ritual, and after sufficient imagery is obtained, as strong an orgasm as is possible should serve as climax to this step.

This climax should be attained using any masturbatory or auto-erotic means necessary. After orgasm is obtained, return to the location of the altar and proceed with step Should your emotions be genuine enough, they will be accompanied the shedding of tears, which should be allowed to flow without restraint.

After this exercise in sentiment is completed, proceed to step To Cause The Destruction Of An Enemy Remain in the area of the altar unless imagery is more easily obtained in another spot, such as in the vicinity of the victim.

Producing the image of the victim, proceed to inflict the destruction upon the effigy in the manner of your choice. This can be done in the following ways: Intense, calculated hatred and disdain should accompany this step of the ceremony, and no attempt should be made to stop this step until the expended energy results in a state of relative exhaustion on the part of the magician.

When the exhastion ensues, proceed to step If requests are written, they are now read aloud by the priest and then burned in the flames of the appropriate candle.

the invention of writing and its destruction ritual spell

If requests are given verbally, participants one at a time now tell them to the priest. He then repeats in his own words those which are most emotionally stimulating to him the request.

They are, as follows: Clothing — Males should wear black, hooded robes. Young females should wear sexually suggestive clothing; women past menopause should wear all-black clothing in the fashion of a crone. Altar — A nude woman should be used as the altar. If her nudity is impractical, her clothing should be minimalist at best.

She is to lay flat on an elevated plane with her head pointing south and her feet pointing north. To be placed on the wall above the altar.

Candles — Representing Lucifer, Bearer of Light. Black candles are used in power and success rituals; white candles are used in destruction rituals. Bell — To be stricken twice, signaling the beginning and end of the ritual. Chalices MUST not be made of gold. Elixir — Served in the chalice during rituals.

It is also used extensively when calling forth the Four Crown Princes of Hell. Magicians may substitute a long knife or a staff for a sword if they like.Planetary Spell Kits Doc Solomon’s has always specialized in rare and obscure items for ritual observance and spellwork.

However, we understand not everyone has the years of training necessary to know how to combine these items and perform the invocations to call the spirits and achieve your goals.

May 18,  · Just re-reading The Death of the Author, by Roland Barthes () and wanted to jot down parts: “ writing is the destruction of every voice, of every point of origin.” (p) “ in ethnographic societies the responsibility for a narrative is never assumed by a person but by a mediator, shaman or relator whose ‘performance’ – the .

Fire in Ritual. Traditional Wicca braziers, etc. are used in ritual to activate a spell and to send offerings or messages to the Gods via burning. Fire for Magick. The element of fire can be utilized in spells related to energy, sexuality, passions, love, authority, transformation, purification, healing of the blood and head, destruction.

(We will be using tarot cards as our "energy filters"). For all these reasons, to be a good magician means years of training, practice and study. Many of the spell books on the market make the task of casting effective spells seem easy. The development of writing and visible language had its earliest origins in simple pictures In Mesopotamia, the ownership of property and the specialization of trades and crafts made visual identification necessary.

Recent discoveries at Wadi el-Hol in Egypt date the invention of the alphabet back to B.C., and for centuries after, writing likely remained the province of the elite.

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