Old spice case study wieden kennedy

The processes and materials they used were well chosen, creative and engaging, and prompted participants to look at old problems in new ways. They do it every time. Essex County Council The team at ThePublicOffice are a fantastic blend of expertise, insight and boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Old spice case study wieden kennedy

The company traditionally protects razor projects like military secrets, but with Treo, which is still in its testing phase, the company publicized the idea with a summer video and, in the fall, sent 50, samples for caregivers to try.

Our conversation has been edited. How did this project start? And we were getting some comments on social media from the other side of that relationship—where you flip from your father looking after you, to you having to look after your father.

We got inspired from that to think from an engineering point of view, how do you shave someone else? I went to a couple of nursing homes in the U. I was overwhelmed by the inadequacy of the solution. How did you get from Dyson to Gillette? After four years at Dyson, I started my own graphic and product design agency with a friend.

So I moved back into the industry, developing military respirators and filtration systems for Avon, which makes the respirator of choice for the U. After five years of that, I got bored and decided I wanted to go play around with razor blades.

Old spice case study wieden kennedy

The main reason was the reach this company has. How do you define creativity? Edison said genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. I think you could substitute creativity for genius. For me, creativity is not only coming up with the idea in the first place.

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The big thing for me is making that spark of creativity and doing something with it. What was your biggest creative challenge of the past year and how did you tackle it?

Developing this product at such speed. All those things require creativity. What was the timeline? We started looking at those social media comments the back end of We then started thinking about doing our first nursing home visits through There was a period where it was essentially me working on the project all by myself and keeping it under the radar.

I wanted to get this to the point where there was a clear solution. Any advice to anyone in a creative slump? The first is, have confidence that a solution will come along. And confidence is a big part of creativity.

The following case study for Old Spice was written by Sarah Rowe, a social media marketing student at ECU. Old Spice Case Study. It was clear that Old Spice was in need of a boost and that is exactly what happened after teaming up with Wieden + Kennedy, a Portland-based advertising agency, for their latest marketing campaign. The U.S. television broadcast of the Super Bowl – the championship game of the National Football League (NFL) – features many high-profile television commercials, colloquially known as Super Bowl leslutinsduphoenix.com phenomenon is a result of the game's extremely high viewership and wide demographics: Super Bowl games have . Old spice social media campaign case study Wieden+Kennedy have released a nice video case study of their recent Old Spice social media campaign, calling it the fastest-growing and most popular interactive campaign in history Some of the things they highlight are To read.

The worst thing you can do is sit in your office with a blank piece of paper. Make sure you give your brain enough space to come back to a problem. What you need is some low level of mental stimulation.

What I use as creative nurturing is gardening. James Dyson remains a design hero of mine. One thing I heard him talk about is the value of not knowing about something.

They blew up traditional notions of perfume ads when they debuted the Kenzo World fragrance with a totally out-there film from director Spike Jonze that this year earned eight Cannes Lions, including two Gold and a Titanium.

I like watching movies, going to art shows. Remember that everything can be your inspiration. The Colonel even broadened his reach via the pro-wrestling circuit with, among other things, a role as a playable character in the "WWE 2K18" video game. I would say our biggest challenge is ensuring whatever we make is authentic to the space it lives in.Old spice case study wieden kennedy; Critical thinking disposition and transformational leadership behaviors; Advisor dissertation portable; Dissertation binding service birmingham; Dissertation paper elements; but in this case may be toomuch for the productdevelopment:side speaker design (1)design1design2design x 15 x , acrylic.

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Wow! Not only did Old Spice and Wieden Kennedy pickup a Grand Prix at Cannes for their campaign, they’ve just started rolling out one of the best social campaigns I’ve ever seen, all based on the ads that generated so much talk over the last few months.

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