Obamas commencement speech

Thank you so much, everybody. Please, please, have a seat. Oh, I feel important now. Got a degree from Howard.

Obamas commencement speech

The president highlighted the progress of black Americans have made since his graduation from Columbia University inbut also set forth a blueprint for the future. Echoing his speech on race relations, " A More Perfect Union ," Obama urged the students at the historically black college to embrace their heritage and affect systemic change through the political process.

Be confident in your blackness," the president said. Be confident in your blackness. The ranks of American millionaires and CEOs are blacker than they've ever been.

The president even cited showrunner Shonda Rhimes' domination of Thursday night programming on ABC as evidence that black Americans have made enduring progress.

Obamas commencement speech

Obama then asked Howard graduates a rhetorical question: In what time period of American history would you want to be born? Like Coates, Obama explained, black people do not have to choose between pursuing one genre of writing or the other.

They can do both. They can achieve both. Obama also encouraged students to embrace their own style and sexuality like the late musician Prince. The president reminded graduates that their blackness gives them unique insight into the struggle against inequality and racial injustice.

We have cousins and uncles and brothers and sisters who we remember were just as smart and just as talented as we were but somehow got ground down by structures that were unfair and unjust. Obama mentioned refugees, immigrants, the rural poor, transgender people and even middle-aged white men whose world has been "upended by economic and cultural and technological change and feels powerless to stop it.

You have to have a strategy. Not just awareness, but action.

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Not just hashtags, but votes," he said. It requires changes in law, changes in custom. He added that, though there are still barriers to voting in America, they pale in comparison to the barriers their grandparents and great-grandparents faced, such as illogical tests that forced black people to guess how many bubbles were on a bar of soap.

In one of his rare nods to the issue of free speech on college campusesObama said students should allow others to speak, even if they disagree. Obama's speech was complicated, as he noted the role of compromise in the work of progress, while maintains a commitment to one's values.

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Obama also rightly noted that awareness is not the win, but is the initial work that creates space for the later wins.

In many ways, this speech echoed themes he offered when we met with him a month ago. He is becoming more explicit re: Obama has mentioned non-hetero sexualities at least twice. In a speech to a black audience.

HowardU16 The very Gospel itself. This is a terrific speech. Some folks on my tl are saying Obama's speech is too political, and some are saying it's not political enough. HowardU16 Obama's speech is giving me the family talk after the first round of Thanksgiving eating. You waiting for peach cobbler, but "wisdom time.

I'm having end of Obama era anxiety.

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This Obama speech should have you ready to conquer the world Wow. He was so unapologetically black. What a man President Obama speech today was soo on point and uplifting.Obama delivers commencement speech at Rutgers: 'Ignorance is not a virtue' President’s wide-ranging graduation address defends factual knowledge and attacks isolationism as he targets Trump’s.

Michelle Obama delivered her 23rd and final commencement address as First Lady to graduates from the City College of New York in Harlem, celebrating the rich diversity of the class and the.

May 15,  · President Obama is delivering the commencement address Sunday at Rutgers University in New Jersey, on the th anniversary of the school's founding.

A while back, you may have seen a United States senator trotted out a snowball during a floor speech in the middle of winter as “proof” that the world was not warming.

(Laughter.) I mean, listen, climate change is not something subject to political spin. President Barack Obama speaks at Howard University's commencement ceremony on Saturday. | Getty That's a different discussion for another speech. But think about it.

Obamas commencement speech

I graduated in New. President Barack Obama receives the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws before delivering the commencement address at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 1,

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