My neighbourhood essay for kids

Pinterest My grandfather is a perfect and kind man. He is the crucial member of our family.

My neighbourhood essay for kids

It has been my home for as long as I Can remember and I just love it the way it is. Talk of beauty and aesthetics and I will take you to Richmond Hill Ontario.

For instance, taking a walk to the Mill Pond, one will get to enjoy extreme serenity around the cool waters. The cool breeze gets to brush gently over your face bringing you the sweet scent of some flowers over somewhere close.

During fall, the landscape usually has a beautiful appearance courtesy of brightly colored leaves of red, green, and yellow. Well winter is a contrast of white-bluish snow and grey sky but that is just but for a while.

Life is usually warm anyway. A visit to Richmond Hill Ontario would also reveal happy families and zoo life. Many families prefer taking their kids out on baby rides along the pavements dotted with yellow flowers and geese. It is a beautiful sight that would behold the attention of any visitor.

My neighbourhood essay for kids

Talking about the people in Richmond Hill, my interaction with them as revealed that they are usually very warm and helpful. This is the place where one is likely to meet social people from different diverse group.

Diversity has become a new phenomenon of the 21st century and Richmond Hill is one of the places in Canada that has come to appreciate and embrace such concept… Embracing diversity has helped me learn so much about various cultures, thanks to Richmond Hill Ontario.

Talk of different languages and traditions. Well, it may require extra effort to be fluent but the basic for socialization and sending regards has been some of my qualifications.

My neighbourhood essay for kids

Milk Pond Park offers one an opportunity to learn about and appreciate nature and environment. Environmental conservation is a concept that one is likely to learn by default when you visit the area.

The first time I engaged myself in a thought about why Richmond Hill has been very keen on making sure that the neighborhood is so friendly, a walk around the neighborhood and in the city provided me with answers. Everybody wants something good, but to achieve that, everyone has to start by making sure that protect that which they have.

In fact, the concept of tragedy of commons has no place in Richmond Hill. Everyone has come to appreciate that everything, including those that do not belong to us directly, but from which we derive utility, must be protected first by ourselves before we look at anyone else. Recreational facilities are all over.

Although I may not boast of karate skills, I used to go observe training session at Budokan when I was young. Right now, I look back and I realize that such places are good for the development of mind body and soul Shaftsbury Avenue was one of the places that I used to go visit to have a walk as a form of entertaining exercise.

Theatre is also available at areas such as Richmond Center for Performing Arts.

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