Essay on paddy plantation

Majority of farmers in the country practise subsistence farming.

Essay on paddy plantation

Rice is the important cereal of the world. It included under grass family which produce starchy edible grains. It is an Asiatic crop and extensively cultivated in southern south eastern and eastern Asia. Rice is the second important food crop of man next to wheat. India is the second largest rice producing country in the world.

Rice plant is named as Oryza sativa, belongs to family Graminae or Poaceae. It is an annual herb, having smooth, hollow erect culms 0. Tillers or side shoots arise from the basal node of the main culm.

The leaves are borne at an angle on the stem. They have linear blades, sheathing leaf bases and ligules at the junction of blade and sheath.

Flower are small inconspicuous and are borne in a loose terminal panicle of spikeletes. The grain is a simple dry indehiscent one seeded fruit called caryopsis. It remains surrounded by husks and together is called paddy. The husks consist of two empty glumes, a flowering glume or lemma which is often owned and a palaea.

The seed is endospermic. The endosperm is starchy and is covered by a layer of protein the allurone layer.


An average inflorescence of rice bears about to grains. De Candolle and watt thought that south India was the place where cultivated rice originated.

9 Main Types of Farming Systems Practices in India - Essay

Vavillo suggested that India and Burma should be regarded as the centers of origin of cultivated rice. Thus it indicates that there might have been two centers of origin of our cultivated rice, if south-eastern Asia India, Burma and Thailand and West Africa.

Climatic condition for rice cultivation: Rice is water loving plant which is grown in north-eastern states, all rounds the year if water is available either though rain or irrigation. Rice needs relatively high temperature ranging between for optimum growth and development of plants.

Depending upon the temperature requirement rice crops grown during kharif. Rice is grown on all sorts of heavy soil type's clay loamy of alluviuol in nature, which have high water holding capacity. Cultivation of rice completely depends on the availability of water.

Depending on the amount of rainfall and irrigation facilities various methods are adopted as follows. There are two distinct methods of cultivation of rice have been adopted all over.

This is the principal system of rice cultivation in India which is done in the process of dry or semidry method. It involves following steps.

Essay on paddy plantation

Under dry cultivation system the land is ploughed immediately after harvesting the previous crop. The soil is ploughed cms.Sample Essays. Method of Planting Paddy. Method of Planting Paddy. METHOD OF PLANTING PADDY Paddy is an important food crop.

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A paddy crop is also unique compared to other crops because of the cultivation process. Plantation site selection. Traditional paddy cultivation started with plowing fields to prepare the plantation seed site in a 5/5(). 9 Main Types of Farming Systems Practices in India – Essay.

Article shared by. Dry paddy, maize, millets and vegetables are the crops commonly grown in this type of farming. Plantation Agriculture: ADVERTISEMENTS: Plantation farming is bush or tree farming. It was introduced by the British in the nineteenth century. The tea plantation sector in Sri Lanka has a history of approximately years.

Tea plantation commonly refers to as tea estates and it become as a dominant crop of the estate sector4. The commercial planting of the tea was introduced by James Taylor in and emerged as the main plantation crop.

Paddy Field Fish Culture (also named Fish Culture in Paddy Field) 1) Plantation site selection Agriculture, Crops, Fertilizer Words | 2 Pages. My framework for this essay will hence be comparing the both the positive and negative effects of perception on the fields of art and science, while taking the stand that the subjective.

The tea plantation sector in Sri Lanka has a history of approximately years. Tea plantation commonly refers to as tea estates and it become as a dominant. An Essay on Cultivation of Rice for Botany Students The paddy crop is cultivated almost in all the states of the country Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Tamilnadu are the leading rice growing states.

Two or three seedlings together are planted at spacing of 20*10 cm or 20*15 cm. Closure.

An Essay on Cultivation of Rice for Botany Students