Essay on advantages of small family

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Essay on advantages of small family

Email Whether you grew up in a large family or your own family is big, there are many benefits of having a big family. I do agree there are some disadvantages too. Money and space are some of the major problems of large families.

When you have five siblings or kids, you never think you are alone and no one loves you. If you are currently having problems with your family and you wish you had a small family, here are a few reasons why a big family is better than a small one.

I hope, these benefits will help you realize you are lucky to live in a large family. You have many friends If you have many siblings and cousins, chances are you have many friends.

When you have a big family, you always have someone that you can spend some quality time with.


Plus, all your siblings and cousins have friends who may become your friends too. You always have a support No matter what happens in your life, there is always someone who can help you and support you. In a big family, children can be both selfish and unselfish.

If one of your children is selfish, there is always a child who appreciates you regardless of your character. Moreover, if you have lots of uncles and aunts, you have a huge support. Having a big family is a blessing! You can do any work faster A big family can accomplish any household chore faster than a smaller one.

I grew up in a large family and I remember how my parents divided responsibilities between my siblings. I was responsible for keeping my room clean, and planting and watering flowers. My sister was responsible for keeping our living room clean, my brother enjoyed cleaning our yard, and our little sister helped our mom in the kitchen.

The holidays are more festive What can be better than a big family around the big holiday table? Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner is always so special and festive that you look forward to this family event the whole year.

Big families tend to support each other when they hear about good or bad news. Everyone will know about your happiness or grief in a matter of twenty minutes! You will have the company in your old age There are many older people who are trying to cope with loneliness or have to live in nursing homes.

When you have a large family, you will definitely have someone that will care for you. Having a big family is a luxury these days. People are focused on their careers and money, forgetting the most important thing in life — a family.

If you are lucky to have a large family, appreciate it. I know there are many problems a large family has to deal with, but you can cope with any problem faster if you stay together. Do you have a big family? Do you think a small family is better than a big one?Laptop have both Advantages and Disadvantages.

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Essay on advantages of small family

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Essay on advantages of small family

IELTS Model Essay: Few men on domestic sites. · advantages and disadvantages of having a small family pm advantages and disadvantages of [In] This easy [essay] I will discuss the advantages. There is an increasing trend around the world to have a small family rather than a large are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a small family rather than a large family?

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