Effect of oil prices on airlines

Marketplace Understanding Bunker Fuel: Posted by SwizStick Posted date December 29, 3PL Definitions Education Featured logistics Seafreight Supply Chain Management 6 comments Unless you work for an ocean container line, there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding bunker fuel costs and how they play into ocean container costs and BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor — fuel surcharge for container lines.

Effect of oil prices on airlines

Need an assistance with claiming flight compensation? The term of extraordinary circumstances first emerged in the Montreal Convention Convention for the unification of certain rules for international carriage by air.

Be sure it is. Remember the volcano eruptions in Iceland in and ? Many airlines almost got bankrupted because they had to take care of their passengers. The provision also speaks solely about flight delays and cancellations.

So, when airlines deny you boarding e. Airlines must prove that the delay or cancellation is caused by extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

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How can anyone know whether such an event could have been avoided? And how reasonable should reasonable measures be? They are obliged to provide you with evidence of extraordinary circumstances and what measures have been put in place in order to avoid them, but they regularly break the law with hopes that people will give up rather than continue pursuing their claim.

For instance, when there is a strike of air traffic controllers which is extraordinary circumstance certainly that comes to an end half a day before your scheduled time of departure, an airline has to be ready to operate your flight as scheduled.

Given this fact, your initial aim is to get evidence of the extraordinary circumstances. Believe me, this step can be pretty challenging itself.

Incomplete or vague reasons of flight disruptions are always suspicious As a rule of thumb, when airlines refuse to provide you with evidence of the reason behind flight delay or cancellation, it means they have something to hide, which is always suspicious.

Some examples of vague or incomplete explanations are: Evidence of bad weather is NOT a business secret You may also face an airline claiming its inability to provide you with official evidence is due to internal policy or confidential information.

The proof should be provided free of charge in line with national provisions regarding access to documents. And no, a weather report is not confidential information. Now I can hear you asking: The evidence must be either from official sources, like logbooks, incident reports, or from independent third parties like airports and air traffic controllers.

It can also be helpful to listen to the captain before your flight takes off.

Effect of oil prices on airlines

The airline really thought that we would accept such self-issued evidence and close the case. On the other hand, once you get the evidence from official and independent sources, my recommendation is to trust them.

When is extraordinary really extraordinary? This is the million dollar question. This is going to be challenging. These are entities responsible for the enforcement of the regulation and perform surveillance of airlines regarding the rights of air passengers.

Well done, European Union. It has done more harm than good. And of course, airlines have immediately started using it for their own sake — referring to this misleading document and more importantly, wrongly pretending the list is exhaustive and legally binding.

This is what Her Honour Judge Melissa Clarke recently said when ruling a lightning strike court case: It is not legally binding.

I cannot see that it helps me at all. The extraordinary event has to be unpredictable, unavoidable and external Click To Tweet The Court of Justice of the European Union took this further since the following statement repeatedly appeared in its judgments: The extraordinary event is not inherent in the normal exercise of the activity of the air carrier and is beyond the actual control of that carrier on account of its nature or origin.

The list is based on all judgments, interpretative guidelines, our own experience at ClaimAirand the hundreds of comments on this blog post. Hidden manufacturing defect A hidden manufacturing defect is a kind of technical problem with an aircraft that establishes grounds for extraordinary circumstances.

Bad weather conditions This part is both complex and uncertain. Lightning strikes Judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union establish legally binding rulings that must be followed by other courts.In fact, the new “tight oil” sources of oil which are supposed to grow in supply are still expensive to extract.

If we expect to have more tight oil and more oil from other unconventional sources, we need to expect to continue to have high oil prices. Volatility in oil markets poses a risk for airlines. An increase in crude oil prices lifts the industry’s largest input cost.

But a price decrease, such as that experienced in the . Oil prices have fallen below levels last seen in during a financial crisis. While the oil industry is going through some rough times, the oil price slump is a boon to the airlines.

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A very good article, but with regards to the futures price, one should be careful not to use it as a forecast of where the spot price for either crude oil nor bunker will be in the future.

Southwest Airlines yesterday became the latest airline to report record profits, joining American Airlines and United Continental thanks in part to record low oil leslutinsduphoenix.comunately, that's not.

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