Businessman profile challenges

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Businessman profile challenges

I support and nurture others, and see the world as my honored guests. I feel a need to help alleviate suffering with one-to-one personal attention. The word that describes me best is service. I regard service as a noble endeavor, and at times, even a duty.

At my worst I try to control too much. Sometimes I slip into the role of the downtrodden housewife or the unappreciated caretaker, and can feel like a doormat. Domestic life and a "sense of home" are important to me.

Although by nature I disavow all excess, my home is appropriately decorous, comfortable, and nurturing. I have a keen eye for work that needs to be done, and tirelessly make sure that windows are cleaned, carpets are vacuumed, and dust never settles.

I pride myself in preparing a wholesome meal and view food as an expression of love to share. My holiday meals are legendary and I go out of my way to provide favorite foods or a personal touch for all that attend.

I consider myself a charitable person who is quick to take on the personal needs of others if it will ease their suffering.

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I am neither a seeker of praise nor out to save the world. I help people with what is most needed right now. I rarely seek the limelight and prefer to serve behind the scenes, assisting people on an individual level.

My ideal choice of work would be as a doctor or nurse, diplomat, politician, bureaucrat, social worker, accountant, office worker, food server, doting husband or wife.

I seek to create something unique, and see the world as just one big canvas for my creative offspring. Exotic tattoos, body piercings, expressive hairstyles, and fashionable apparel may all be part of my artistic realm.

Day to day living is often a bore for me, and I delight in being a connoisseur of anything novel in life, leaving the monotonous grind of the workplace to those that crave that kind of responsibility.

I can seem a bit scattered and ungrounded at times.

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I greatly value my alone time and need personal space. I can be hypersensitive, overemotional, and easily hurt by the opinions of others -- especially if it pertains to my own creations. Others are baffled by my seemingly unordered approach to life, but I always see a structure in it.

Friends and family might describe me as creative, emotional, eccentric, airy, vulnerable, ungrounded, dreamy, spontaneous, artistic, musical, or moody.

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My profession of choice might be as actor, dancer, fine artist, surgeon, fashion model, carpenter, contractor, mechanic, designer, craftsman, architect, inventor, musician, writer, poet. I seek a challenge and see the world as unconquered territory to command and explore: I take charge of situations and know what I want and know how to get it.

The word that describes me best is "persuasive. I can be hot-tempered, intimidating, and use my strong physical presence to take advantage of the weak.

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I must avoid the inclination to push people around, or like a guard dog, be unduly suspicious of those that enter my territory. I can drop the ball when mired in a minutiae of knotty details, and prefer to do what needs to be done right now.

I can be a workaholic at times, take on too much, and be unwilling to delegate work when necessary. I am known to have a hearty sense of humor, but also the subtlety and strength of a Mack truck.Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and The World Bank Group works in every major area of development.

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Businessman profile challenges

Sanjay Shah is the Founder of Vistex and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Chief Architect. Sanjay brings a high level of passion, energy and skills to address complex business processes for global organizations.

A little about my interests: I like reading science fiction or fantasy books with plenty of intrigue and adventure, something that explains my overactive imagination.

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