A study of the effectiveness of insights on the temperament of kindergarten students

Colic is the unpleasant term for the young infant who follows the Rule of Threes:

A study of the effectiveness of insights on the temperament of kindergarten students

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Developmental antecedents of perfectionism in middle childhood Thesis No. Little is known about the etiological factors of perfectionism. This research aimed to address this gap in the literature by explicating the developmental antecedents of perfectionism.

A study of the effectiveness of insights on the temperament of kindergarten students

Specifically, the links between child temperament and parental intrusiveness on the longitudinal development of perfectionism during the middle childhood were examined. Three hundred and one primary school children, along with their parents, participated in the study over a period of five years. Measures included parental reports of child temperament, a behavioural task of parental intrusiveness, and child self-report of perfectionism.

Latent growth models of perfectionism variables were specified with child temperament and parental intrusiveness as covariates. SPP was found to decrease over time for both boys and girls.

Higher levels of surgency predicted greater initial status of maladaptive perfectionism for boys, while higher levels of negative affectivity and parental intrusiveness predicted higher initial status of maladaptive perfectionism for girls.

For boys, higher scores on all aspects of child temperament predicted higher initial status of adaptive perfectionism, whereas for girls, greater initial status of adaptive perfectionism is predicted by higher scores of negative affectivity.

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Changes in perfectionism over time were not predicted by the covariates. Results from the current paper noted gender differences in the contribution of child temperament and parental intrusiveness on the development of perfectionism.

Consequently, the results could inform and contribute to the development of gender specific programmes targeted at arresting the development of maladaptive perfectionism in children. For instance, given that negative affectivity and parental intrusiveness was observed to contribute to maladaptive perfectionism only in girls, coupled with the significantly higher level of parental intrusiveness behaviours exhibited by parents of girls; perhaps, parenting programmes could highlight on the probable tendency for parents of girls to be more intrusiveness in their parenting behaviours and to teach parents to be more sensitive in their attempts at guiding their child in ways that respond to the learning needs of the child.

On the other hand, the finding that surgency contributed to maladaptive perfectionism in boys but not in girls, suggests that boys who are high in surgency could be taught on coping strategies that would help them transit to formal schooling.

A study of the effectiveness of insights on the temperament of kindergarten students

In addition, parenting programmes for boys could emphasize on parenting strategies that might help boys regulate their high activity level and impulsivity. Nonetheless, the finding that parental intrusiveness and child temperament had predicted the initial status of perfectionism but not the changes over time indicate that the suggestions listed above might be more applicable to the period from when the child is entering primary school to the end of the early primary school years i.AbstractWe investigate the classwide efficacy of INSIGHTS, a universal social-emotional learning intervention for early elementary grades, on observed teacher practices and student behaviors.

Twenty-two elementary schools (87% free/reduced lunch) were randomly assigned to INSIGHTS or an attention-control condition. Kindergarten and first-grade classrooms (n = ) were observed in the fall. The purpose of this literature review is to analyze the research on professional development of early childhood educators.

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As noted by the Technical Work Group for the Evaluation of the Early Childhood Educator Professional Development Program, this body of research is at an early stage of development. The primary aim of this study is to test the effectiveness of INSIGHTS, a temperament-based, comprehensive selective prevention intervention for inner city minority school-age children.

The study was conducted in kindergarten classrooms in 22 elementary schools in three low-income, urban school districts. Study sample Of the students in the analytic sample with valid data on at least one follow-up assessment (spring of kindergarten or fall of first grade), 91% were Black or Hispanic, and 87% qualified for free or reduced.

This study followed a sample of children from kindergarten through eighth grade to examine the extent to which kindergarten teachers' perceptions of their relationships with students predict a range of school outcomes. This study investigated the effectiveness of an intervention program in promoting positive attitudes of kindergarten-age children towards peers with special needs.

A factorial quasi-experimental study was designed with two experimental groups and a control group.

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